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Norway: Nature, Industry and Society - book review

In June 2013, Grete Rusten and Kerstin Potthoff from the Department of Geography and Linda Sangolt from the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, published a book on Norwegian nature, industry and society. It has now been reviewed in the Norwegian Journal of Geography.

Main content

The book offers a fresh perspective on how Norway has developed and emerged as a modern society. The identity of the country can be seen as balancing culturally between urban and rural, and ideologically between marked and social democratic values. Further, the book covers a range of research topics in geography, public administration, marketing, migration and tourism. The book will provide insight and knowledge to professionals, students, scholars and tourists.

More information about the book can be read on Fagbokforlaget's webpage.


The book has been reviewed by Brita Hermelin in the Norwegian Journal of Geography. She is reviewing the book from a geography perspective, and she writes:

"The book offers an interesting and intriguing exposé of many aspects of Norway today. The authors sketch a picture of a simultaneously inward- and outward-looking society. The continued existence of strond traditions and a concern for national sovereignty can be contrasted with the large immigration flows, international political engagement, and international economic interaction. This book can be recommended both for the qualities of individual chapters and for its overall contribution to outlining how modern economies such as Norway's are a combination of unique path dependencies, unique sets of resources, and involvement in the international diffusion and flows of ideas, people, and economic values".


The entire book review can be read here.