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New Research Project: Organizing for Societal Security and Crisis Management

The research project GOVCAP - "Organizing for Societal Security and Crisis Management: Building Governance Capacity and Legitimacy" - is comparing the organization of internal security and crisis management in Norway and five other European countries.

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This project studies governance capacity and governance legitimacy for societal security and crisis management. It addresses two main research themes:

  • Cooperation, management and organization
  • Social structures, values and trust


The overall research question is: What makes a well performing governmental crisis management system?


The project is a research collaboration between Uni Research Rokkan Centre and Department of Administration and Organization Theory. It is funded by the Norwegian Research Council under the SAMRISK-program and is led by Professor Per Lægreid. The project will start during the autumn of 2014, and will run for four years.


Post doctor at the Department Lise Hellebø Rykkja is project manager. In addition Senior Researcher Dag Arne Christensen (Rokkan Centre), Researcher Jacob Aars, Professor Tom Christensen (UiO) and researchers from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, will be working on the project.


More information about the project can be found at the Norwegian Research Council's homepage.