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Special Issue of Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice

Peter Hupe and Harald Sætren has edited a new special issue of Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice which is about comparative implementation research.

Main content

In this special issue there is altso several contributions from the Department of Administration and Organization Theory. 

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 List of articles in the issue:


Peter Hupe & Harald Sætren:

Comparative Implementation Research: Directions and Dualities


Harald Sætren:

Crucial Factors in Implementing Radical Policy Change: A Comparative Longitudinal Study of Nordic Central Agency Relocation Programs


Ingrid Helgøy & Anne Homme:

Path-dependent Implementation of the European Qualifications Framework in Education. A Comparison of Norway, Germany and England


Keith Baker & Gerry Stoker:

A Comparison of State Traditions and the Revival of a Nuclear Power in Four Countries


Diederik Vancoppenolle, Harald Sætren & Peter Hupe:

The Politics of Policy Design and Implementation: A Comparative Study of Two Belgian Service Voucher Programs


Jan Froestad, Sakina Grimwood, Tom Herbstein & Clifford Shearing:

Policy Design and Nodal Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Determinants of Environmental Policy Change in a South African City


Adam Mahon, Kristen McNeill & Jody Heymann:

Pension Programs Around the World: New Comparative Global Policy Data