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A Transformative Perspective

Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid have contributed a chapter to the forthcoming book Theory and Practice of Public Sector Reform. The book is edited by Steven Van de Walle and Sandra Groeneveld, and is published in honor of prof. Walter Kickert.

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Theory and Practice of Public Sector Reform is a festschrift to Walter Kickert, as well as a valuable resource for all students of reforms. Christensen and Lægreid have contributed the chapter A Transformative Perspective. The chapter presents an introduction to a transformative perspective of reforms. A transformative perspective is based on a foundation of instrumental and institutional organizational theories, as well as on the recognition that reforms often occur under conditions of uncertainty of alternatives of actions, and also where goals have not necessarily been clarified. The transformative perspective therefore suffuses a purely instrumental/institutional perspective with elements of cultural perspectives, and also looks at the organizational environment in which the reform is supposed to be carried out, in order to provide a more complete understanding of the various influences on the reform process. As such it is an important addition to instrumental and institutional perspectives.