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The Department will offer a PhD Course in Democracy and Citizenship in Education this fall. Deadline for application is September 9th.
Professor Marit Skivenes has co-authored a new article. The article is in connection with the project " Legitimacy and Fallibility in Child Welfare Services".
Marit Skivenes and Milfrid Tonheim have published an article on “Improving the Care Order Decision-Making Processes: Viewpoints of Child Welfare Workers in Four Countries” in Human Service Organizations.
Ida Juhasz and Marit Skivenes have published an article on “The Population's Confidence in the Child Protection System – A Survey Study of England, Finland, Norway and the United States (California)” in Social Policy & Administration.
Marit Skivenes has together with Jill Berrick (US), Jonathan Dickens (UK) and Tarja Pösö (Fin) published an article on “Parents' involvement in care order decisions: a cross-country study of front-line practice” in the journal Child & Family Social Work.
Marit Skivenes and Anne-Mette Magnussen (HiB) have published an article on “The Child’s Opinion and Position in Care Order Proceedings: An Analysis of Judicial Discretion in the County Boards’ Decision-Making” in the International Journal of Children's Rights.
Call for papers on "Understanding the Transformation of European Public Administrations: changing structures and arrangements for coordination and collaboration" for the Conference of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) that will be held 24-26 August 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands. Deadline for abstracts proposals is April 15.
The department of Administration and Organization Theory is proud to present the new course AORG211 Multilevel Governance : National Government Administration and the EU
Svein Michelsen and Håkon Høst have published an article in “Berufliche Bildung: historisch - aktuell – international”, a “Festschrift” on vocational training published for the 60th anniversary of Philipp Gonon.
Werner Jann and Per Lægreid are guest editors of a Special issue of International Journal of Public Administration on Acccountability, Performance and Legitimacy in Welfare Reforms.
Hogne Lerøy Sataøen has together with Ole Andreas Brekke (UNI Research), Susana Batel (University of Exeter), and Martin Albrecht (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), published an article on sustainable grid development in the journal Energy Research & Social Science. The article compares British, Norwegian, and Swedish grid development.
Torstein Nesheim and Håavard Mørch Hunskaarb (NHH) have published an article in International Journal of Project Management on the challenges of knowledge sharing when employees and external consultants work together on projects.
Tom Christensen, Ole Andreas Danielsen, Per Lægreid and Lise H. Rykkja have published an article in a special issue of Public Administration: “Comparing Coordination Structures for Crisis Management in Six Countries”.
Professor Per Lægreid and Post doc Lise H. Rykkja at the University of Bergen have together with Professor Chris Ansell at UC Berkeley been awarded Peder Sæther grant for cooperation on the project “Organizing for Societal Security and Crisis Management.”
On Friday the 5h of June, the Department hosted the Rose Ceremony to celebrate the master students who completed their thesis this semester.
Per Lægreid and Lise H. Rykkja, together with Külli Sarapuub and Tiina Randma-Liiv at Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance in Estonia, are editors of a special issue of Public Management Review that deals with coordination in the public sector.
Peter Hupe and Harald Sætren has edited a new special issue of Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice which is about comparative implementation research.