HBSC Data Management Centre

Access to other HBSC survey data

After administering the HBSC survey, member countries submit their data to the HBSC Data Bank. An international datafile is then created by the HBSC Data Management Center and stored at the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD).

The international datafile is restricted for the use of HBSC member country teams for a period of three years from its completion. The production of the final international data file is usually 4-5 months after the deadline for submission of national data sets.

Availability of survey data

Survey round

Upon request


Open Access

Open Access scheduled for release by

















































June 2018

To see a complete table of which countries participated in the survey rounds, click here.

Data access policy

The HBSC Network is committed to increasing transparency in its work whilst preserving their intellectual property. The data is available for external use by agreement with the HBSC International Coordinator and the Principal Investigators. Please note that the HBSC Network only grant requests for data under the following conditions:

  • HBSC data is given only to academics, international organisations, and public sector researchers working in relevant fields.
  • Under no circumstances will the data be provided for the purposes of commercial interests.
  • Access to the data is only given for specific mandatory variables and not the entire dataset from any survey. Special requests for the entire dataset may be made but these will only be approved following a majority vote of the HBSC Network Assembly.
  • All requests for access to data must be approved by the HBSC International Coordinator, HBSC International Data Manager, and relevant HBSC Network groups. Please note, this process can be lengthy in some instances.
  • In order to publish any work using HBSC data, at least one member of the HBSC Network must be a named author or have a consultative role in the publication and/or analyses.

How to request access to survey data

If you wish to access survey data, please use the HBSC Data Request Form.

In order to better process your request, please refer to the list of the variables from your requested dataset. The list of variables requested should only include the variables needed to address your specific research questions. You should state the variable name and variable label on Section 3 of the HBSC Data Request Form. 

Survey round      Access to variable lists

1985/86               Upon request

1989/90               Upon request

1993/94               Upon request

1997/98               Variable list 97/98

2001/02               Open Access

2005/06               Open Access

2009/10               Open Access

2013/14               Scheduled for release in June 2018