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Legitimate absence from exams

What do you do if you are ill during your exam? What is legitimate absence and how do you register this?

What do you do if you are ill during your exam?

A student may only register for the exam of any given course three times. If you for some reason are unable to sit the exam, it is therefore important to formally withdraw the registration. If you are ill or have other legitimate reasons for being absent on the day of the exam, you will not forfeit one of the three possible registrations, provided you hand in proper documentation.

Circumstances that are considered legitimate absence may be illness (your own or your child’s), a death in the immediate family or of someone with whom you have a close relationship, funerals or wakes, decree by public authority demanding you be elsewhere at the time of exam, as well as other circumstances that make it highly unreasonable for you to sit an exam (see § 6.10.1 of the University of Bergen’s Academic Regulations).

How do you register legitimate absence?

Relevant documentation must be handed in within 1 week after the exam date. In addition the absence form must be filled in and submitted along with the documentation.

Illness must be documented with a sick note or medical certificate from a doctor or health care professional. The sick note must state that it was issued regarding an absence from an exam at the University of Bergen, and must specify one of the following dates:

•    Date of the particular written or oral exam
•    Deadline for handing in a term paper or equivalent
•    Date of handing out a take-home exam

The documentation and the absence form is handed in to the Faculty. You can either mail it to The Faculty of Humanities, postbox 7805, 5020 Bergen, or hand it in to the Student Information Center at Sydneshaugen Skole.

When can you sit the exam again?

Courses that are taught in only either the spring o autumn semester will ordinarily have a new exam date early on in the following semester. These are open to students who have fulfilled any coursework requirements.

Please note that you must register for the exam on StudentWeb yourself.
Students who have legitimate reasons for absence during both written and oral examinations, have the right to sit the exams again early the next semester (see § 6.11 of the University of Bergen’s Academic Regulations). If the relevant course does not offer a new exam date, you will be contacted by the Faculty of Humanities.

Any questions may be put to Elisabeth.Hjellbrekke@hf.uib.no.