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Explanation of grade and appeal about a grade

If you receive a grade you do not believe to be correct, you have the right to appeal about it. You can also appeal if you believe formal errors have occurred during the examination.

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Explanation of grade

You are entitled to an explanation of the grade you have been given (see § 5 of the University of Bergen’s Academic Regulations). In case of an oral exam or a trial lecture, the request for an explantion must be put forward immediately. For written exams, the request must be put forward within a week after the grade is announced.

To request an explanation, contact the exam administration at the relevant department by e-mail. The e-mail must contain your full name, student number, course title and code.

The explanation should normally be available within two weeks after your request. In it the examiner(s) are to outline the general principles that the grade is based on. The explanation can be given written or orally, after the examiner’s choice.

Appeal about a grade

If you receive a result on a written exam that you believe to be incorrect, you are entitled to appeal about it (see § 5 of the University of Bergen’s Academic Regulations). We advise you to contact your department about an explanation of grade before you appeal (see above).

If you wish to appeal, you must submit the appeal form that can be found to the right on this page. 



The appeal must be submitted within three weeks after the grade was announced.

If you have received an explanation of grade, the deadline will be three weeks after you received this.

If you have appealed on the grounds of procedural error, the deadline will be three weeks after this appeal has been processed.

New assessment

New assessment

You exam will be reassessed by a new committee of at least two examiners, one of whom is external. In agreement with Norwegian law the new committee will not receive any information about the first grade, the explanation for it or your reason for appealing.

The grade may remain unchanged after the reassessment, or it may change to a higher or a lower grade. You are not entitled to appeal the reassessment grade.

It is not possible to appeal about the grade of an oral exam or a trial lecture (see § 5-3 (5) the Universities and Colleges Act).

Processing time

Processing time

Because the appeal committees receive many appeals each semester, and because this often coincides with holidays at the end of the semester, processing time can range from 3 to 8 weeks. When your appeal is processed, you will be notified by e-mail (to your uib-address) that the result is available to you on StudentWeb.

If the appeal concerns a course with several exam components, submit the form for each component you wish to appeal about.

If the course has a final oral exam adjusting the grade of the written exam, a new oral exam will be arranged when the grade is changed.