Faculty of Humanities

Student guidance

Student advisory service at the Faculty of humanities and student advisers at the departments.

Student advisers

Most student advisers at the departments work one day a week at the Information Centre in Sydneshaugen Skole, you will find two of them there every day. See below for a list of the advisers, which study programmes they are responsible for and when they are available at the Information Centre.

Study ProgrammesWeek dayContact
All study programmes at The Grieg Academy*studierettleiar@grieg.uib.no
ArabicFriday (every second)Ingvild Nilssen
ArchaeologyWednesdayEirik Kvam Goksøyr
Art HistoryMondayLise Kristiansen
ChineseThursdayHild Meland Rød
Cultural StudiesWednesdayEirik Kvam Goksøyr
EnglishMondayHanne Svanholm Misje
FrenchFriday (every second)Gita Pattanaik Rognevær
GermanFriday (every second)Ingvild Nilssen
Gender studies*Idunn Bjørlo Tandstad
HistoryFridayJannie Idsal
ItalianMondayHanne Svanholm Misje
JapaneseThursdayHild Meland Rød
LinguisticsThursdayTrygve Johan Svarstad
LiteratureThursdayTrygve Johan Svarstad
Natural Language ProcessingThursdayTrygve Johan Svarstad
Norwegian as a Second LanguageWednesdaySigne Nilssen
Old Norse StudiesWednesdaySigne Nilssen
Religious Roots of EuropeTuesdayAnne Mailin Selland
RussianFriday (every second)Gita Pattanaik Rognevær
Scandinavian Languages and LiteratureWednesdaySigne Nilssen
Spanish Language and Latin-American StudiesFriday (every second)Ingvild Nilssen
Study of ReligionsTuesdayAnne Mailin Selland
Teacher Education*Silje Anette Lindgren
Theater StudiesThursdayTrygve Johan Svarstad

* Please note that these programmes do not offer advice at the Information Centre - contact the advisers directly.