Faculty of Humanities
Autumn 2020

Meet the faculty

As a part of your Welcome Programme there will be a meeting at the Faculty of Humanities on Thursday 13 August.

Studenter på Sydneshaugen
Emil W. Breistein

Information for exchange students

Thursday 13 August
 13 AugustWhere

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities 

What you need to know as an UiB student

Greetings from the student society, HSU

Jusbygget: Auditorium 2 (campus map)
13:30Guided tour on campus (part of the mentor program)Starts at Jussbygget ends in Nygårdsparken
14:00Nygård Games (part of the mentor program)Nygårdsparken

Information meetings for new master students

All new master students may attend the information meeting at their master programme.

Master Programme WhenRoom
Digital CultureFriday 14 August at 10:15Room M,
Sydneshaugen School
EnglishFriday 14 August at 11:15Auditorium B,
Sydneshaugen School
FrenchFriday 14 August at 10:15Room 326,
GermanFriday 14 August at 10:15Auditorium R,
Sydneshaugen School
LinguisticsFriday 14 August at 11:15Room M, 
Sydneshaugen School

Nordic Languages and Literature  

Friday 14 August at 12:15Room E,
Sydneshaugen School
Old Norse Studies  Friday 14 August at 13:15Room H,
Sydneshaugen School
PhilosophyFriday 14 August at 11:15Room 208/209,
Sydnesplassen 12-13
RussianFriday 14 August at 11:15Room 217,

Spanish Language and
Latin-American Studies 

Friday 14 August at 13:00Room L,
Sydneshaugen School