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Environmental Action Plan 2012-2015

The Environmental Action Plan 2012-2015 will help UiB becoming a greener university.

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The objective of the Environmental Action Plan 2012-2015  is for the University of Bergen to reduce negative environmental impact from waste, energy use, procurement and transport with 20 % by the year 2020. UiB shall be an environmentally conscious organization, participate in public environmental debate, and communicate its environmental knowledge. The Action Plan will push UiB in a more environmentally friendly direction by using less energy, improving its waste disposal, and perform environmentally friendly procurements and travel.

UiB wishes to stimulate each individual's own efforts, transfer knowledge and have environmentally friendly practices. Staff, faculty and students must receive informastion and training about environmental issues.

"The Environmental Action Plan 2012 - 2015" (norwegian only) was adopted by the University Board November 29, 2012.