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Working alone

Working alone in hazardous working environment

In a risky work environment, working alone should be limited.

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The work must be safe from a security perspective

At UiB, all work must be safe in terms of safety. A risk assessment can reveal that this is not always the case when working alone in a risky working environment. If an accident were to occur, it may be critical to be alone at the work place. In such a working environment, one should therefore seek to avoid work being carried out when others are not present, eg. after the working hours end and at weekends, cf. the Working Environment Act's provision on single work.

What about students?

The Working Environment Act consider students as employees when they perform work at UiB that has the purpose of teaching or research. This means that when students carry out work on laboratories, field work or expeditions, they are regarded as employees and are included in the provisions of the Working Environment Act about working alone.

Even if students are otherwise not covered by the Working Environment Act, it should be avoided that students perform work alone on evenings and weekends in a risky working environment. If students must work outside working hours, at least 2 students should work together and an agreement must be made with the supervisor in advance.

When the situation is such that work alone is inevitable, it is important that a risk assessment is carried out in advance of the work. Here one must assess the nature of the work and what external factors are involved; for example, whether the work involves chemicals, instruments, biological factors, gases etc.