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Access to campus

Guidelines for staff and students in connection with access to campus.

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Corona information on UiB.no/corona

  • Step three of the reopening has started
  • General recommendations:
    • The distance recommendations are at least 1 meter.
    • Wash hands.
    • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Lectures with up to 400 people.
  • It is possible to hold private indoor events with up to 100 participants.
  • Home office: increased access to campus for employees. Recommended that all employees have the opportunity to work on campus a few days a week.

UiB recommend that all employee complete the e-learning courses in protective measures before they arrive on campus. For students the course is mandatory.

Employees from other countries:

From July the 5th, there will be major changes in the rules for entry. Updated information will at all times be available on the Government's pages.

Constant change in entry requirements

Due to constant changes in entry restrictions / requirements for documentation, we ask you to contact euraxess@uib.no to receive information about current requirements when you are going to "onboard" a newly appointed international employee. This is to ensure that you have the necessary and up-to-date information.

Sickness, infection and quarantine 

In case of suspected infection 

Employees and students who suspect they may have been in contact with infection or who have symptoms of respiratory infections should stay at home in accordance with current regulations. 

Staff and students who fall ill on campus 

A separate instruction has been prepared if employees and students fall ill with Covid-19 while on campus. 

If an employee or student is proven to be infected, the person must report to UiB via this form:
 "Registration of proven infection for staff and students who have access to UiB's building". 

Rules for quarantine can be found at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Transportation to and from campus 

In public transport, many people often gather in the same place and it can be difficult to keep a sufficient distance. It is therefore recommended to limit the use of public transport.
Feel free to use a bicycle, own car, motorcycle, scooter or go to work / study where possible. In this way, the density of passengers will be reduced, especially during rush hour.

Employees who depend on public transport to get to the office can agree on shifted working hours with their leader to facilitate this.

The design of the workspace area 

The general rule for workplaces at UiB is that 1 meter between people is preferably recommended. Some office workplaces are designed so that it is easy to comply with current distance guidelines. Where this is not the case, each unit must consider measures. If there are many employees in an office area, you can consider distributing which days of the week employees should meet at the office and when you should have a home office.

If employees have their office space in an office landscape, it is necessary for the manager in collaboration with employees and the security service to look at appropriate solutions. It should be considered to use permanent workplaces as far as possible, and in addition have good cleaning of the workplaces. When dividing a workplace, the work surface must be cleaned between each user. Even in open landscapes, it is important to preferably have a meter distance. If there are many employees in the open landscape, it is possible to distribute when employees are to meet at the office.

Students are responsible for cleaning the reading room space and other touch points upon arrival and when leaving the space. This also applies to employees who work in shared places.

Dining areas 

Hang up information posters about the importance of Habits that help prevent infection

  • Pay extra attention to hygiene around the kitchen / lunch room. Pay particular attention to cleaning on all surfaces. Employees must wash their hands before and after use of the kitchen / lunchroom. 

  • Make sure detergents for cleaning contact points are available. 

  • Keep preferably 1 meter distance to each other. 

  • Spread the lunch period over several time intervals to gather fewer employees at a time. 



The Estate and Facilites Management division monitors that the National Institute of Public Health's recommendations are complied with.

The risk of infection can be increased in rooms with poor ventilation, especially when many people are gathered. Normal use of ventilation and normal maintenance of the ventilation system are recommended. Increasing the degree of ventilation in already well-ventilated rooms can potentially increase the risk of infection. In tight rooms where there is no mechanical ventilation, ventilate regularly.