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Guidelines in case an employee or student becomes ill of Covid-19 on campus

Guidelines for leaders and teachers in case an employee or student becomes ill of Covid-19 on campus

Prevention, applies to all UiB units:

  • Sick people or people with symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend work.
  • Have available disinfectants for hand disinfection.
  • Hang up posters about distancing rules and hand- and cough-hygiene.
  • Have some facemasks available.

Employee/student who gets sick of Covid-19 while at work/on campus:

  • An employee or student who becomes ill by Covid-19 at work / on campus should leave for home as soon as possible. Contact Legevakten (NO), the emergency clinic, immediately to schedule testing.
  • Sick people, who need to be picked up by others, must wait in a separate room or outside away from others.

Transportation options for employee/student who gets sick from Covid-19 while on campus:

  • Sick people who need to be picked up by others:
    • Close family, friends, colleague, etc. are considered as others
    • The sick person should wear a facemask and sit in the back seat.
  • Sick people should not take public transport.
    • If a sick person must take public transport, facemask should be used.

How to report:

• The sick person must notify the nearest leader.Students contact their faculty. Do not meet in person, send email or call.
• If the sick person is diagnosed with Covid-19, this form must be completed.

Leaders / Leader`s representative:

  • If an employee / student becomes ill from Covid-19 on campus, rooms / spaces where the sick person has been staying in, must be temporarily closed.
  • Rooms the patient has stayed in for the last 48 hours must be thoroughly cleaned. This also applies to toilet and common areas.
  • A thorough cleaning can be ordered via LYDIA, labeled cleaning.

Infection Tracking:

  • When Covid-19 infection is confirmed, the municipality of Bergen is responsible for infection detection.
  • The leader / leader's representative may be asked to assist with information on which areas the sick person has been staying in and relevant close contacts.