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Notification procedures

Notification procedures - radiation protection

The company shall immediately notify accidents and abnormal incidents in connection with radiation sources to the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

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Duty to warn in the event of accidents and abnormal events:

Notify in UiB's digital HSE non-conformities system in UiBHelp.

In addition, we are required to report accidents and abnormal incidents to the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA).
Written notification must be sent from the company to the Directorate as soon as possible and no later than within 3 working days.

It is the individual unit that must notify of the accident / incident. The unit must also inform the Central Radiation Protection Coordinator.

Accidents and abnormal events include:

  • Incidents that cause or could have caused unwanted exposure of an employee, patient or other person significantly beyond normal levels, or unexpected radiation damage.
  • Loss, theft or sabotage of radiation sources.
  • Unwanted release of radioactive substances into the environment.
  • Incidents that may cause radiation to the general public so that the individual may be exposed to an effective dose above 0.25 mSv / year.
  • Technical failure of radiation protection significance.
  • Significant deviation from intentionally absorbed dose or activity to exposed tissue in patient.
  • Severe radioactive contamination of the business area or equipment.
  • Finds of ownerless radiation sources.