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Councelling for PhD candidates and young scientists

The occupational health service at UiB offers support for PhD candidates and young scientists who experience health challenges related to the working situation.

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Are you a PhD candidate or a young scientist, and are/do you: 

  • Want to become more resilient in the face of stress, challenges and life’s burdens? 
  • Struggle with poor concentration, procrastination or inefficiency at work?
  • Feel a waning interest for your field or drop in motivation for your project?


  • Struggle with increasing levels of worry, stress or unease? 
  • Have trouble sleeping, relaxing, taking breaks, or taking time off from work outside of working hours? 
  • Have difficulties coping with painful or disturbing emotions? 
  • Struggle to feel positive emotions or happiness, even when positive things happen to you? 
  • Feeling more irritated than usual and frequently find yourself involved in misunderstandings or conflicts? 


  • At risk of needing sick leave due to stress, burn-out or psychological issues? 
  • Are you considering quitting your PhD program? 

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should consider contacting the Occupational Health Service.