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Psychological support for PhD candidates and young scientists

The occupational health service at UiB offers psychological support for PhD candidates and young scientists who experience health challenges related to work.

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Symptoms on mental overwhelm

  • Low concentration, procrastination or low efficiency in work 

  • Declining interest in the field and the work 

  • A lot or increasing worries, stress and anxiety  

  • Difficulty relaxing, sleep problems, uncomfortable taking breaks or time off from work outside working hours 

  • Increasing amount of painful and difficult feelings 

  • Difficulty feeling joy, even when good things happen 

  • Irritable, and experiences frequent misunderstandings and/or conflicts 

These symptoms are common reactions when life is overwhelming. The Occupational Health Service at the University of Bergen mainly works with situations where these reactions occur as a result of work. Also, it is impossible to completely separate between work and free time, as our private life have consequences for our working capacity. We are flexible and hope we can assist in a good way. 

Our offer

Our main offer consists of lectures on psychological processes and psychological counseling groups: 

The lectures focus on relevant psychological processes that occur in demanding learning situations, mental health, effective work techniques, meditation practices and much more. The lectures are offered regularly during the semester. If you have an established group and would like our psychologist to come and visit, give us a shout at bht@uib.no.

Psychological counseling groups are offered regularly during the semester. Here we meet in small groups where each person brings a work-related issue, emotional and/or concrete in nature. The groups are led by our psychologist. 

At MittUib you will find short videos of lectures and other relevant topics. Here you can also register for the counseling groups. 

If you would like one-on-one follow-up over time, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to provide this service. If you urgently need help contact Bergen legevakt or Livskrisehjelpen.