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Long days with little movement?

Long working hours in front of the computer or in static postures may lead to painful and stiff muscles and joints. This page contains tips on how to become more active during or away from work.

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In need of some movement?

Remember to move during long working hours in static postures. For every 30. to 60. minutes, take a 30-60 second break where you make sure to move. You can try these exercises (Norwegian only).

Activity in the home office:

At home there's less natural abruptions than in the "regular" office. That's why it's ekstra important to make sure to move from time to time. Emptying the dishwasher during a short break provides variation to sitting in front of the screen. Mabye you could take walk in your own neighbourhood, to and from the home office?

Do you enjoy talking a walk or go hiking?

Climb a mountain, go for a walk through the city or in your neighborhood. Do what suits you best!

Do you prefer to do your workout together with others?

Sammen Sports offers discounted membership prices for UiBs employees. Inculded in the membership is accsess to the gym as well as instructed classes. Some of the classes are exclusive to UiB's employees. During the pandemic they also offer online instruction videos. 

Not used your bike for a while?

Maybe it is time to get back into biking shape and impress your colleagues with Cycling to work?

Difficult finding motivation?

Try using free apps like Strava or Endomondo where you and your colleagues can follow each other’s activities. How about a little internal competition?

Good luck getting active!