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Courses by the Occupational Health Service

The occupational health service at UiB can offer a wide range of courses, webinars and workshops within the working environment and occupational health.

Main content

All courses are available in both Norwegian and English and can be tailored to the individual unit's wishes and needs. Examples of topics include:

Targeted health examinations

  • Health and vaccination in connection with work trips/fieldwork
  • Infection control in the workplace

Travel medicine prior to field trips and research cruises

  • Potential risk factors in fieldwork and cruises, mapping and risk assessment before departure.

Psychosocial working environment

  • Conflicts/ Bullying/Discrimination
  • Organizational changes
  • Self-care and psychosocial working environment
  • Difficult conversations

Mental health at work

  • Learning, stress, coping and thriving; A lecture for PhD-candidates and young scientists
  • How to take care of yourself and others in challenging times
  • Taking care of yourself as a new arrival
  • Thoughts and feelings at work: How our ways of thinking may affect us in the workplace


  • Health-promoting ergonomics in the office
  • Health-promoting ergonomics in the home-office
  • Health-promoting ergonomics in the laboratory
  • Health-promoting ergonomics in dental health care
  • Health-promoting ergonomics while doing heavy labour
  • E-learning course in office ergonomics

Occupational hygiene / indoor climate

  • Proper use of protective equipment
  • Indoor climate and occupational health
  • Chemical, biological and physical health hazards
  • Lab course for new employees

Addiction and substance abuse

  • Prevention and follow-up of employees struggling with addiction and substance use.
  • Concerned about an employee?

Sick leave follow-up

  • How to do sick leave follow-up
  • Sickness at work