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Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary field, which emphasises the importance of interaction between human beings and the work environment.

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Both employees and employers must take into account the ergonomic arrangement of the workplace, to prevent health problems, repetitive strain injury and illness.

Computer workplace

Applying ergonomic principles to the computer workplace can prevent injuries or illness and make work more comfortable.

If you need a new work chair/office chair

The University of Bergen (UiB) has agreements with several suppliers for office furniture.

All of our suppliers have good knowledge of how to sit well, and can help you choose the right chair for your needs.

If you need a new work chair/office chair, you can contact our suppliers directly, and they will help you choose and order a chair. Some of our suppliers can also offer to loan you a chair for trial before you buy it, to see if it is the right chair for you.

Expenses related to chairs are covered by the units assets, and must be approved by the Line Manager.

Ergonomics in laboratories

Awareness to the way tasks are done and the importance of variation in posture and movements, is of great importance for preventing musculoskeletal disorders.

There are various types of laboratories with highly varied tasks. Functional furniture, equipment/machinery, good logistics and good lighting is important for everyone.

"Ergonomics i laboratories" is a collaboration between occupational physical therapists from UiO, UiB, NTNU and SINTEF.

Ergonomics in home-offices

If you have to work from home the employer must, as far as practically possible, ensure that the working conditions at the home office are fully justifiable. For advise on ergonomic in the office, see above. If you do not have access or space to an adjustable chair and / or work table at your home, try to look for other good solutions.

Chairs and tables in the home often have different heights. Try to find the workplace that suits you best. Maybe you can adjust a little on the chair by sitting on an extra pillow or put some support in the lower back? Feel free to change the "workstation" several times during the day. And remember: the next position is always the best!

The computer

Many employees have laptops as their most important work tool at home. If so, it is also recommended to have a large screen, keyboard and a separat computer mouse. If you need special equipment such as a mousetrap, roller mouse, forearm support etc, you may also want to consider whether this is equipment you should now have at home. In that case, talk to your nearest leader on how this can be arranged.

Take small breaks

Take small breaks and do simple exercises to loosen tight muscles. How about a digital workout? Find something you like and go for it!

If you have the opportunity - go for a walk

Fresh air and movement can be good for both body and productivity. Or how about a walking conference call with a colleague? Use your imagination and feel free to share good advice with others.