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Physical activity

Physical activity can affect your mood, reduce stress and prevent illness. UiB wants to encourage and facilitate for physical activity for all employees.

The picture shows a man at a bike.

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Physical activity during the Corona-outbreak

Are you Corona stuck in front of a computer? With a lot of stationary work, muscles and joints stiffen up and can give pain. Maybe you need some help to get started with physical activity? Click here for some easy tips for activities that can be done from your home office.

Physical activity for UiB employees

All offers at the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen) Sports Centre is open to UiB employees.  You can also participate in different activities at UBIL (sports club for UiB employees). If you want to use a bicycle to work, you can park it in locked sheds at campus.

Physical activity during working hours

It is possible to exercise up to 1 hour per week during working hours, after approval from your leader. Read the terms for physical activity during work hours. All activities must be clarified with leader.

Local activities with coworkers is encouraged. As an alternative, it is possible to participate in some group activities with an instructor at Studentsenteret. During these hours are the swimming pool and gym are also available for UiB employees. Contact Sammen for informaton about free activitys for UiB employees.