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The aim of vaccination is to prevent the development of disease.

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Vaccination against hepatitis A and B virus and against tetanus (lockjaw)

Employees UiB who may be exposed to infected blood must be offered vaccination against hepatitis B. It may also be appropriate to offer some staff vaccination against hepatitis A. Employees who work outdoors and those who work with animals must be offered vaccination against tetanus. Other vaccinations may also be appropriate for those travelling abroad. Vaccination against hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and tetanus can be obtained by contacting the Occupational health service.

Travel vaccinations

For travel vaccinations, please contact the Occupational health service.

Please be aware that some vaccinations need to be given in good time before departure.

Fill in this form before vaccination.

Puncture wounds and cuts

For puncture wounds and cuts where there is a risk of infection, contact Bergen Emergency Hospital (Bergen Legevakt, tel. 55 56 87 00) or the HSE Section (telephone 55 58 20 54).

Tuberculosis check and vaccination against tuberculosis

More detailed information about tuberculosis monitoring can be found on the website of the Health Authority of the municipality of Bergen and on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s website under Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis.