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Planning of new workplaces

Good planning of new workplaces can promote good health and prevent injuries and discomfort.

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Good planning of new workplaces involves, among other things, transferring the experiences of individual users in terms of how the workplace functions to those who will be responsible for planning the new workplace. A mapping must be carried out of health, safety and the environment and preventive measures considered when planning new workplaces. One mapping method that can be used is risk assessment.

User involvement
User involvement in major building work is organised in the form of user representatives, who are organised in user committees. The members are normally nominated by the faculty or the University Director, and it is recommended that the safety delegate be included in these groups. Irrespective of this, the safety delegate must be consulted for building work. The user environment has a particular responsibility for helping to carry out a good requirement and functional analysis for its own area of operation. This will form the basis for further programming and planning.

The Estate and Facilities Division and The HSE Section
The Estate and Facilities Division (EiA) coordinates user involvement in new building work and major renovation projects and engages external advisers as required. The Project Section (EIA) is responsible for project management where EIA is the client. EiA has an interior group that assists in the projects. For major building projects, the Norwegian government agency Statsbygg will perform the role of the client.

The HSE Section provides advice and guidance on building work to clients, employers, safety delegates, panels and committees.