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HSE meeting

The HSE meeting is a mapping tool that is used to achieve a systematic development of the psychosocial working environment.

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The HSE meeting is an open meeting at a work unit attended by employees, line managers and safety delegates, the theme being the psychosocial working environment.

All units must hold a minimum of one HSE meeting per year. The minimum requirements are not sufficient in the event of reorganisation processes, for example.

Special challenges revealed during the mapping will entail a stricter requirement for a formalised risk assessment.

When psychosocial working environment issues are on the agenda, the focus will primarily be on people’s experience and behaviour, with the aim of creating awareness among staff and giving them the skills to create an organisation characterised by well-being, good health and high performance. This requires initiative, an open and joint discussion of the issues and challenges, and proposals as to how to take the work forward.

The essential points for bringing about development of the psychosocial working environment are as follows:

  • Individual initiative – everyone in the work unit takes part in the process
  • Short time between the mapping and implementing the measures
  • Systematics – thorough preparation and follow-up

The psychosocial working environment is part of a complex interaction that has its own characteristic design at each individual unit. A mapping must therefore be built on a local and subjective understanding.