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Exposure register

UiB is obliged to keep a register of employees and students who are or may be exposed to substances that may cause serious illnesses over time.

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In order to be able to document any occupational illnesses or injuries it is vital that case history information and working environment information are collected and that they are available to employees. For example, if you are working with carcinogenic substances in the laboratory, the exposure can be automatically registered on a fixed day when the work is occurring. You choose the record keeping criteria yourself, such as duration and frequency.

As a module from the chemical inventory EcoOnline, EcoExposure is a personal register where you can register a single exposure as well as repeated exposures.

Who shall be registered in the exposure register?

Statutory register for employees and students who:

  • Are or may be exposed to carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals (Carc. 1A, Carc. 1B, Muta. 1A or Muta. 1B ). Equivalent to CLP H-statements H340, H350 and H350i.
  • Work with ionizing radiation
  • Are or have been exposed to biological factors (infection risk group 3 and 4)
  • Work with lead/lead compounds
  • Have been or can be exposed to dust containing asbestos fibres
  • Exposed to hazardous substances with mining work

Guest researchers

It is the main employer's responsibility to register the exposure. UiB shall register exposure for guest workers who have a D-number allocated by the Norwegian Tax Administration.

When is a person exposed?

If you work with ionizing radiation or lead, you must be registered in the exposure register.

A risk assessment should always be conducted regarding exposure prior to registration. Due to the wording of the regulation it is difficult to rule out exposure as long as a person is working with carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals.

A person is exposed:

  • when working with personal protective equipment (PVU)
  • when working in/with special ventilation
  • when carrying out other handling of pre-defined substances, e.g. filling the car with fuel

The use of personal protective equipment shall not be accorded weight in an assessment of whether the employee/student shall be registered.

Who will carry out the registration?

In most cases the person working with the compund should carry out the registration. If you have questions, contact the EcoOnline-coordinator at your unit, and they may do the registration in collaboration with you. EcoOnline coordinators have received information and training from the HSE section. 

The register requires some maintenance. For example updating e-mail addresses when a person quits their employee/student relationship with UiB. This is the responsibility of the individual employee/student.

Register a joint exposure for all the students in a lab course

It is possible for the course leader to make a joint registration of lab courses that work with substances subject to registration.

Here is a simple method.

Who has access to the register?

  • The employee (exposed, only for personal expose)
  • Occupational health service
  • Safety and medical personnel
  • Coordinators
  • Working environment committee
  • Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

The employee/student who is registered in the register shall be informed about this and have access to the information on them.

How long is the data stored?

Data shall be stored for 60 years (40 years for biological factors) after exposure has ceased.

Who is your EcoOnline coordinator?

The EcoOnline coordinators can help with questions concerning "EcoExposure".

If you don't know who the units coordinator is, contact HSE section in UIBHelp, get help.