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Issuance of a Seaman's certificate

Procedure for issuance of a Seaman's certificate for employees and students at the university who will be embarking on fieldwork and reserach cruises.

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The medical certificate shall ensure that employees and students are medically suited to service on board and do not represent a danger to others or the safe operation of the vessel.

Employees and students are responsible for familiarising themselves with the procedures for issuance of a Seaman's certificate and booking an appointment with the HSE Section.

The medical examination and issuance of a Seaman's certificate are carried out by an approved seamen's doctor.

Medical examination

At the medical examination employees and students must present a valid photo ID (passport, driving licence, discharge book). Also bring a urin sample, contact lenses/glasses and a vaccination card if applicable. If the employee/student has a medical certificate from before then it should also be brought.

The medical examination consists of:

  • Visual acuity test (long distance - 5m), field of view and colour vision
  • Hearing test
  • Blood sample (if required)
  • Clinical examination

Employees and students are obliged to provide as complete information as possible about their own health, and a personal health declaration is completed and signed together with the seamen's doctor. If the employee/student fulfils the health, vision and hearing requirements the seamen's doctor will issue a medical certificate on a form stipulated by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

The medical certificate is valid for 2 years.

Form: Form for medical examination