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ARK – The Intervention Programme

ARK is a comprehensive research-based programme for carrying out working environment and working climate surveys in knowledge-intensive organisations, developed by UiO, UiB, UiT and NTNU.

ARK contributes to a systematic development of the psychosocial working environment on both local and institutional level at UiB.

ARK Intervention Programme is a management tool and a cooperative arena.

The focus is on both strains and resources in democratic processes on several organisational levels, in the formalized cooperation between the employee and employer associations and with direct contribution from each employee. ARK Intervention Programme is also the foundation from which to build for working environment research with close interaction between practice and research.

ARK Intervention Programme consists of:

  • KIWEST (Knowledge Intensive Working Environment Survey Target): Questionnaire with standardized and validated questions about the organisation’s working climate, workloads and work-related resources.
  • Fact Sheet I: Questionnaire for collection of facts about organizational matters impacting the working environment.
  • Fact Sheet II: Questionnaire for collecting facts about the implementation process and actions completed in the ARK Intervention Programme together with a self-evaluation of these.
  • Survey feedback meetings: Schedule for presentation and follow-up of the report from a survey using the KIWEST questionnaire, to templates for presentations, meetings and processes.
  • ARK Research Platform: Database for storing data from completed surveys.

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