The HSE-gateway

Reporting HSE non-conformities

Employees and students can report HSE non-conformites in the digital system.

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What are HSE non-conformities

Definitions of HSE non-conformities and categories.


HSE non-conformities are all adverse events and/or matters that have resulted or may result in harm to people, the environment and property.

HSE categories

The following predefined HSE categories should be reported in the digital system:

Matters that should not be reported as HSE non-conformities

There are some matters that should not be reported via this system out of respect for people's privacy and/or duty of confidentiality. Matters pertaining to the following categories should not be reported here:

Demand notice in Lydia: Issues related to building operations and repairs of material/construction must me reported as a demand notice in Lydia. Major damage to property and structural conditions in buildings, as well as system failures should be reported as HSE non-conformities.