The HSE-gateway

Reporting HSE non-conformities

Employees and students can report HSE non-conformites in the digital system.

How to report HSE non-conformities

HSE non-conformites should be registred in the digital system.

How to report

  • Digital system for reporting HSE non-conformities
  • Select "New notification" and log in using your UiB-username and password.
  • Required fields in the notification form are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • There is help information for each individual field.
  • When you have finished entering the information, you must submit the notification.
  • You will receive an e-mail when your case has been assigned to a case officer and another one when the matter has been fully processed and closed.
  • You will find you notification under the "My notifications" tab.

Reporting a personal injury

  • All injuries that required medical treatment must be reported in the system using a special report form. This form will be available automatically by choosing the category "Personal injury that required medical treatment". Information about personal injuries is considered sensitive information, and is therefore closed to everyone except the occupational health service at the HSE Section.
  • Injuries and illness that occur in the workplace must be reported to NAV on their injury notification form (NO). The employer fills in the form toghether with employee/student.
  • Occupational injury/illness must also be reported to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse). The injured shall notify the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (NO). Employers can help by filling out the form .
  • Students who have had large expenses due to health reasons, can apply to Sammen Health Fund for a refund

Reporting a non-conformity on behalf of someone else

  • It is possible to report an HSE non-conformity on behalf of someone else if they do not have a UiB account, for example, a visitor and guest researcher.
  • If you are reporting a non-conformity on behalf of someone else, please tick the relevant box on the report form.
  • It is not possible to report information about someone else's personal injury via this system. Contact the HSE Section for more information