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Ergonomics in the home office

Most of UiB's employees are now working from a home office, and finding a good workposition can be difficult. Below you will find some advice from UiB's occupational health service on how to prevent muscle and skeletal disorders in your new working environment.

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Vary your working position as much as possible

Chairs and tables in the home often have different height. Try to find å workstation that suits you. If needed you can adjust the chair by sitting on an extra pillow or add some support in the lower back. Remember to change your "workstation position" several times during the day. The next position is always the best position!

The computer

Many employees now have a laptop as their most important work tool. For some, this is not a problem, while others may experience challenges when working with smaller screens and keyboards. If you have access to a large screen, a keyboard and a computer mouse it may be a good idea to use this.

For those who normally work with other ergonomic equipment, talk to your leader and hear if it possible to bring this to your home office.

Take small breaks and do some exercises

Take small breaks and do some exercises during the day, to release tight muscles. How about a digital workout? Find something you like and try it out!

If you have the opportunity - go for a walk

Fresh air and movement can be good for both body and productivity. Or what about a walking conference call with a colleague? Use your imagination and feel free to share good advices with others.