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Here you will find practical information regarding your employee relationship now that we are in a special situation as a result of COVID-19.

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Flexible working hours

The state agreement about core working hours between 9-14.30 has been suspended for the time being, due to the special situation we are currently in. This means that employees can adjust their work hours to when it is more practical for them to work.

Time registration as normal from 15 September 2020

From 15 September 2020, UiB will end the automatic time registration in Min Tid. This means that the rules for time registration apply as normal, and that everyone who has flexitime again must keep the actual work time in the new self-service portal.

Settlement time is postponed until 31 August 2021

The Ministry of Local Government and Modernization and the main associations have agreed that the settlement date be postponed to 31 August 2021. This means that employees who have a balance of more than 50 hours plus time will see that the balance is reduced to 50 hours from 2. September 2021.


Registration and approval of holidays follows regular procedures, but the deadline for confirming holidays has this year changed to June 1.

The employer would like to remind that stipulated holidays must be taken as planned, as well as taking into consideration that the main holiday should be taken in the period between semesters. Deviations from this must be clarified with your manager.

Caring days and personal leave of absence 

Amendments to the rules on care money have been made to take into account contagion measures, especially when schools and kindergartens are closed. Care days still apply to parents with children who reach the age of 12 in 2021 and younger children (and for to those who have a decision from NAV with extended right to caring days). It is important for the employee to register absence in the self-service portal. From 1 January, the employee has received a new annual quota with care days that can be used in 2021.

Partial absence: At UiB, it is open for flexible collection of care days (not just full and half days). The employees register the absence code for sick children from and to the relevant time when they are not absent all day. If, for example. If absence is registered with this quota which corresponds to 20% of a working day, 0.2 days will be deducted from the quota.

Closed / partially closed school / kindergarten: You can use care days for the time the kindergarten / school / SFO is closed due to the corona situation. This also applies if you need partial absence due to reduced opening hours. Reduced opening hours must be documented.

Care days even if the school/kindergarten is open: An employee is entitled to care allowance if the child has to be kept at home due to infection control with the child or with a family member the child lives with. In such cases, this applies even if the number of care days has been used up. Documentation: The special infection control considerations must be confirmed by a doctor, and the employee must submit the confirmation to the employer. The doctor's statement is placed in Ephorte with a copy to the finance department. The employees register absence in the usual way via an absence form in the self-service portal.

Registration in the self-service portal: In the self-service portal choose 'request of absence', click on ' create request' and choose 'sick child' under absence type.  You can register parts of the day. You then enter the time you have been away by ticking "One day or less" and enter the date, start time and end time (number of hours). Here you can write a note to the leader. The quota is then counted down "minute by minute".

Transfer of care days: It is possible to transfer care days between parents during periods when school or kindergarten is closed due to the pandemic. This is done to facilitate families where one of the parents works in socially critical functions. Documentation: The person who is to transfer the days must report on a separate form to NAV (nav.no). When a decision from NAV is available, this must be referred to the employer, who must pass this on to the finance department v / service team so that the quota can be increased in the system.

Welfare leave: If more care days are needed, UiB can grant welfare leave upon application. In the absence form, use the cause Welfare leave with pay (510).

If there is a need for guidance on care days employees can contact the Serviceteam for Absences and Parental Leave.

Additional information is also available at nav.no            

Occupational injury insurance

As an employee at UiB, you have occupational injury insurance in The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK). Occupational injury insurance gives you a legal right to compensation if you meet with an occupational injury or are inflicted by an occupational illnessIf you are required to have a home office because of the coronavirus outbreak, as a government employee, you are still insured in SPK's occupational injury insurance. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the terms and conditions that apply

  • You are insured as if you were at your regular workplace within regular working hours. UiB assumes that, unless otherwise agreed, work is carried out at home office within the framework of the Special Agreement on flexible working hours in the state – from 6 a.m. to 9 pm Monday to Friday.
  • The insurance applies in the room you work. That is, if you have your own home office, you are secured when you are working in that room. If you have set up a home office solution in the kitchen or living room, you are secured there while you work.

SPK points out that if you injure yourself while you have a home office, the incident must be assessed individually to see if the law conditions are met. This applies to all occupational injury cases.

Measures for PhD Candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows


In accordance with current regulations, the state does not lay off employees. UiB has the opportunity to temporarily redeploy employees to take care of other tasks and functions.