Division of Human Resources 

The HSE Section

The Section is part of the Division of Human Resource and is UiB's specialised unit within health, safety and the environment (HSE) and the university's occupational health service.

The Section assists the employer and employees at all levels, as well as the working environment committee and safety representative in HSE issues and works purposefully to promote a safe and good working environment.

Fields of expertise: Occupational medicine/health, emergency preparedness, ergonomics, physical work environment, organizational and psychosocial work environment, hazardous work environment, occupational hygiene, systematic HSE work, quality assurance and internal control and environmental work.

The Section has two main functions:

Specialised unit 
The HSE section has the following areas of responsibility within health, safety, emergency preparedness and the environment:

  • Overall system responsibility, quality assurance and internal control in the field of HSE.
  • HSE mappings and risk assessments.
  • Reporting and advising on HSE questions.
  • Competence development within HSE.

Occupational Health Service
UiB's Occupational health service (BHT) assists with various working environment challenges, carries out mappings and assessments in the units and provides individual evaluations within the academic fields of occupational health, psychosocial and organisational working environment, ergonomics and occupational hygiene.

BHT has a free and independent position on working environment issues, and takes privacy and confidentiality into account. BHT is approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.