Research group Environmental Humanities

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Rasmus T. Slaattelid, research group leader

E-mail: Rasmus.slaattelid@uib.no

The research group Environmental Humanities shall initiate, coordinate and develop integrated interdisciplinary research projects and highlight the relevant and potential contributions to the field from humanistic research.

In cooperation with NTNU, UiA, UiO and UiS, the research group runs the Norwegian Research School in Environmental Humanities (NoRS-EH). The research school is financed by the Research Council of Norway, and has been created as a transdisciplinary initiative meant to strengthen the Norwegian humanities' contribution to environmental research and the large, global challenges the world is facing.

The research group Environmental Humanities (HUMKLIM) collects humanistic research on the climate and the environment at UiB and will contribute to strengthening the contact and collaboration with related research at other faculties and centres, at and outside of UiB.