Research group Environmental Humanities

Program autumn 2021

Overview of activities in the research group. The seminars are being held on Tuesdays from 10:15 to 11:30 in Parkveien 9, the meeting room on the first floor.

Main content

09/11Rasmus Slaattelid"Ways of knowing" - SDG Conference 2022
16/11Ida Vikøren AndersenIdea sketch for project about glacier melt
30/11Kjersti FløttumNorwegians' understanding of the UN's sustainability goals
07/12Jean-Paul Vanderlinden"Transdisciplinary art and science interventions: lessons learned from three experiments"  
14/12Solveig Lygren"Article draft: Knausgård, Lunde, the environmental crisis and the art of the novel"? After the presentation, we'll have a planning meeting for the spring 2022 semester, as well as a Christmas lunch.