Research group Environmental Humanities

Program spring 2022

Overview of activities in the research group. The seminars are being held on Tuesdays from 10:15 to 11:30 in Parkveien 9, the meeting room on the first floor.

Main content

08/03Lars Kaijser"Populärvetenskapliga djur" (Animals in Popular Science)
05/04Runa Falck"Responsibility for Climate Mitigation: Comparing Politicians and Citizens"
22/04Marit R. BjærkeSustainable area management
05/05Scott Bremer'Changing seasonality': a symposium rethinking what seasons mean in changeable times, Christinegaard, Bergen
10/05Miriam Jensen“Negotiating times and futures in water management planning: The role of narratives, knowledge and the more than human”
23/05Kyrre KverndokkOpening conference for the project Gardening the Globe, Litteraturhuset i Bergen (Alver)
24/05Scott BremerWho's in charge of the seasons in the Arboretum?
31/05 TBA
14/06 TBA