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EISCAT_3D: the most advanced radar imaging system in the world

EISCAT_3D Opening Event

EISCAT_3D radar system
Illustration of the projected EISCAT_3D station

The construction of the most advanced 3D imaging radar system in the world has begun in Skibotn in northern Norway. This project is part of a major European research infrastructure entitled EISCAT_3D, and when fully implemented, the new radar system will be able to study the upper atmosphere and the aurora in full 3D.

A few weeks ago, an EISCAT_3D Opening Event and scientific planning sessions were held in both Tromsø and Storfjord. Several members of the Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS) participated, including Drs. Lisa Baddeley and Dag Lorentzen from UNIS, and Drs. Kjellmar Oksavik and Therese Moretto Jørgensen from UiB. In the above image, they are portrayed together with the EISCAT director Craig Heinselman.

Links to some media news regarding the EISCAT_3D Opening Event:

Also, starting this fall, Dr. Lisa Baddeley will take on a new responsibility within the EISCAT community as the Norwegian representative to the EISCAT Science Oversight/Advisory Committee (SAC).