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Measurement Technology and Instrumentation for Research and Innovation

The research focus of our group is to develop and improve sensor and instrumentation technology – including measurement methods – to provide experimental measurement data of the highest possible quality.

Oskar Ullestad/ Inst fysikk & teknologi, UiB
Student intern assembles a sensor for measuring environmental parameters in seawater
Oskar Ask Ullestad
Masterstudent Vårin Holm, IFT, UiB
A Master's student develops a photoacoustic measurement setup for measuring small amounts of gas in liquid
BT Hjertaker, IFT, Uib
Gammatomograf, IFT, UiB
UiB's gammatomograph – reference instrument for flow measurement
BT Hjertaker, IFT, UiB

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Our main objective is to contribute to sustainable development through research, education, innovation, and dissemination. We are working towards this goal through technology development, i.e., by developing new technology and improving existing technology.

The group’s focus is on the development of sensor and instrumentation technology for various applications in research and industry, especially relating to energy technology and ocean technology. The research focus includes efficient data acquisition, management of measurement data, as well as process control. We are also working on the evaluation and modification of existing measurement technology, including assessment of measurement uncertainty.

Development and use of process tomography for imaging of two-phase fluid flow (gamma-ray tomography), as well as the development of radiation detectors, has been central to the group’s research for several decades.

Dissemination of the research group’s scientific work is done through publication in renowned scientific journals such as Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Measurement Science and Technology and the IEEE Sensors Journal.

Education of students has high priority in our group where our goal is to attract good students with an interest in measurement technology and instrumentation who want a professionally interesting and challenging career. The study of measurement technology and instrumentation includes courses in physics, mathematics, and information technology. These are key tools for the development of electrical measurement circuits, modeling of dynamic systems, simulations, data acquisition and handling of measurement data, calculation of measurement uncertainty, and control of sensors and processes.

The group offer Master’s projects related to theory and modeling or more experimental projects dealing with the development of prototypes. Many of the Master's projects are carried out in close collaboration with institutes of research and industry.

Our group is responsible for the Department of Physics and Technology’s Ocean Technology educational programs, which is an educational collaboration between the University of Bergen, the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Department of Mechanical and Marine Sciences and the Department of Computer Technology, Electrical Engineering and Science), as well as the Armed Forces College / Naval Academy.

The Ocean Technology educational programs, which consist of a 5-year integrated Master's program and a 2-year Master's program, is conducted in close cooperation with research institutes and industry through work placement (10 credits) and Master’s theses (60 credits). Both programs offer training in two fields of study:

  • Marine measurement system (specialization in optics, acoustics, or instrumentation)
  • Marine installations

More information on the 5-year integrated Master's program in Ocean Technology:

Please note that this program is taught in Norwegian and that language requirements apply. Refer to https://www.samordnaopptak.no/info/english/language-requirements/ for further details.

More information about the 2-year Master's program in Ocean Technology:

Please note that this program is only open for Nordic applicants and applicants living in Norway. More information is available at https://www.uib.no/en/education/48766/how-apply-masters-degree