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institute election 2022

Group D Candidates: Students

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IFT Instituttvlag 2022 Kandidat Markus Cirotzi

Markus Hjelle Cirotzki

My name is Markus Cirotzki, and I am a second year student in Physics. I am running for election as a representative for Group D for this years IFT department board because I want to be a voice for all the students at the department. I want to listen to and promote the interests and opinions of the students, which I can do through my participation as a council member at the Student Council for IFT (FFT) and the Social Commitee for Physics, Doppler. I have a good relationship with the students at the IFT, and I believe I can reflect your interests and opinions in a good way.


IFT Instituttvalg 2022: Kandidat Sander Thu

Sander Blørstad Thu

I didn't really have an intention to run for election before the opportunity was presented to me. After four years of studying, I feel a responsibility on my part in improving everyday life for students. This is something I already am doing as vice president of the Student Council for Physics and Technology (FFT). By combining these roles, I am sure that I will be able to make a positive difference!



IFT Instituttvalg 2022: Kandidat Irene Isaksen

Irene Dahl Isaksen (Deputy Member)

My name is Irene Dahl Isaksen and I would like to run as deputy representative for the institute council. I am studying a master's degree in physics with specialization in acoustics. During my bachelor, I have held several positions in various student organizations, where I want to highlight my role as a finance manager in the Realist Committee, the highest student organization at the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences (MatNat, UiB), as particularly educational. Here I had the opportunity to influence many aspects regarding students and our stay at the university. It is important for me that students' interests and well-being are taken into account when important matters are decided and I therefore hope I can help contribute to this.