Department of Informatics

Election Results for the Institute Board at the Department of Informatics

The results from the election of members from group B (temporary academic staff) and group D (students) to the Informatics Institute Board for the term 01.08.2020 – 31.07.2021 is now ready. Please find the results for each group below.


Group B

Member: Håkon Tjeldnes

1. vara: Martha Norberg Hovd

2. vara: Erlend Raa Vågset

3. vara: Tam Thanh Truong



Group D

Members: Brigt Arve Toppe Håvardstun og Tonje Hellestøl

1. vara: Martin Øines Eide 

2. vara: Christian Scheie Hein  

3. vara: Tuva Ulveseth Kvalsøren       

4. vara: Hjalmar Svenstrup Andersen   



Any complaints for the election must be submitted to the Election Board within 4th June 2020.