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Department seminar

Student peer assessment as an educational tool

How can we help our students get the most out of lectures and exercise sessions? This is a question we have been focusing quite a lot on at our department recently. In this seminar we will learn about student peer assessment as a useful tool in this direction.

Roy Andersson

At our department gathering which was to take place in Voss April 27-28, we had planned a series of talks on educational issues. One of these was a tutorial by Roy Andersson. We are delighted to be able to offer a part of this tutorial as a department seminar via Zoom instead.

Roy Andersson is a senior lecturer at Lund University, Sweden, associated with both the Department of computer science and the Center for engineering education of that university. At the same time he holds an adjunct associate professorship at the Departement of biology of our university, associated with the bioCEED center of excellent education.

In this seminar, Roy will teach us about "Student peer assessment" and how it can be used as an educational tool in lectures as well as in exercise sessions. "Peer assessment is a powerful meta-cognitive tool which increases students' learning. By activating students in peer assessment, the students have to reflect and critically evaluate their peers and thereby also their own knowledge and performance." says Roy. In these exceptional times, where we have most of our teaching going on online, student peer assessment can be extra valuable to ensure that students participate in the educational activities.

The seminar will be held on Zoom, and the link will be sent by email in the morning of the seminar day. This is going to be an active seminar, where we will get tasks to perform during Roy's lecture. Please bring paper and pencil! The seminar will last 60 minutes.

Everybody is most welcome!