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Concept Learning in Description Logics

An online talk by Jean Christoph Jung

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Concepts are the main building blocks in description logic knowledge bases, but being logical formulas users have difficulties writing them. Therefore, automated construction or learning of description logic concepts is an important research problem. We report on recent progress towards concept learning.

In particular, we will first give an overview of three possible learning settings: supervised, unsupervised, and interactive. Then, we will exhibit a learning algorithm in Angluin’s active learning framework for learning concepts relative to ontologies for the lightweight description logic EL.

About Jean Christoph Jung

Jean Christoph Jung is currently an interim professor for theoretical computer science at the University of Hildesheim. He is a postdoctoral researcher at the Theory of Artificial Intelligence Group at the Universität Bremen.

You can read more about Jung and his work here.

Join us on Zoom

 The talk starts at 14:15 but the Zoom-call will be open from 14:00 for pre-talk virtual mingling.