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Migration at Sea and the Role of Non-State Actors: zooming in on the Central Mediterranean Route. 29th April, 2022

Non-state actors have become the gatekeepers of the State in the context of migration - especially for deportation and detention. Exploring the intersection between NSAs accountability under international human rights law and forced migration is hence crucial in defining a progressive way of interpreting the law – with justice for the victims as the final aim. The research presented in this seminar aims to fill an academic lacuna by analyzing NSAs’ involvement in migration processes, providing guidance for future policy-making at the national, regional, and international levels.


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In this seminar, Matilde Rocca will present reflections from her PhD research project which aims to determine how non-state actors (NSAs) have been involved in migratory processes in the Mediterranean and to what extent they have changed the level of human rights protection accorded to migrants. In addition, Rocca’s research project assesses the way in which the involvement of NSAs in migratory operations has shaped international human rights law (IHRL) and the international law of the sea. Her presentation will address the following key questions: a) How have NSAs shaped and changed the status of migrants and their protection in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? b) To what extent does their impact expand or restrict human rights protection? c) How has NSAs’ involvement impacted responsibility allocation for the violation of human rights in international waters?

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