Department of Information Science and Media Studies

Nina Kvalheim

In her project ”Journalistic Multimediality and Public Deliberation”, Nina Kvalheim will be exploring the relationship between multimedia news production and the newspapers role in the public debate, in particular looking at the relationship between the implementation of new business models, new digital publishing platforms, journalism and democracy.

The starting point for the project is that the newspapers financial situation requires new thinking about how to make money in the future. Because of declining readership and falling advertising revenues newspapers traditional business model, which is based on selling the same product to all readers for the same price, is challenged. In order to secure their own existence newspapers therefore have to think of new ways to make money, and many seem to rely on new publishing platforms, like tablets and smart phones, to be their saviour. Thus they will play a significant role in the process of developing a new, sustainable business model.

The project aims to answer the following research questions: 1) which strategies are developed by media houses, and newspapers in particular, for the use of new digital publishing platforms; 2) how is the everyday news production carried out in a multimedia news room; 3) will the use of digital publishing platforms change the presentation of news; and 4) to what extent will multimedia news production affect the public debate?

The project will apply both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to answer the research questions, and it will use newspapers operating in different markets as cases.

The project will be a sociological study of news that aims to explain the relationship between technology, economy and journalistic processes. The study will be situated within the fields of sociology, media economics, media strategy, democracy, journalism and newsroom studies.