Department of Information Science and Media Studies

Tonje Haugland Sørensen

Sørensen's doctoral thesis “Remembering a Different Norway – Norwegian war films and questions of mediated remembrance,” is centered on the corpus of Norwegian films chronicling World War II. As the title implies, the focus of this study will be the relationship between remembrance and war films within a Norwegian perspective.


The empirical material for Sørensen's study consist of Norwegian war films – the occupation dramas – made between 1946- 2009. The theoretical and methodological framework is primarily based on the theories from Memory studies in regards to the notions of collective and cultural memory, though triangulated by reflections from film studies and reception analysis.

This approach to the Norwegian film is novel, in that the theoretical aspects of memory and remembrance have never been the subject of an extensive study of these films. In the case of the Norwegian war film corpus, the application of a theoretical framework can have particular value, as it will highlight the several of the films’ commemorative aspect, as well as their intended spheres of influence. The thesis will attempt to clarify how and in what way the films have been influenced by and in turn influenced various acts of memory in regards to the German occupation.