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Seminar - Working with Norwegians

Online seminar: Working with Norwegians

Crack the hidden codes of Norwegian workplaces and social life to reduce the risk of cultural misunderstanding.

Working with Norwegians

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HR International Centre would like to invite our new international employees to a zoom seminar about working with Norwegians. 

Would you ever play chess without knowing the rules? Being in Norway without awareness of the cultural codes is like playing chess without knowing the rules, you might make mistakes.

This course will explain the social norms, unwritten rules and expectations in Norwegian workplaces. It will provide a practical insight into what you may expect in Norway, both professionally and socially. You will get information that is not easily accessible elsewhere, and learn how to deal with the lack of clarity that often is prevalent. There will be reflection exercised with scenarios where cultural differences come to the surface.


10.00 – 12.00 CEST

Part 1:
Social norms, cultural traits and unwritten rules

12.00 – 13.00 CEST

Break / lunch

13.00 – 15.00 CEST

Part 2:
Discussion and reflection
Expectations in the workplace

Socialising in Norway


The aim of this training is to make you more confident on how to behave in Norway and to reduce the risk of cultural misunderstandings. The instructor is Karin Ellis (CEO of Ellis Culture), author of the books ‘Working with Norwegians’, ‘Applying for jobs in Norway’ and ‘Flerkulturelle arbeidsplasser'. Karin has several years’ experience with developing and conducting intercultural training. Typical feedback from participants of these sessions is that misunderstandings and mistakes made in the past could have been avoided if they had participated earlier.