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Changes in healthcare entitlements for USA

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The change in HELFO’s healthcare entitlements in the USA resulted in that posted workers no longer can use the health insurance card from OPTUM. The changes requires that the employee must pay all expenses upfront and ask for reimbursement from HELFO afterwards.

UiB as self-insured employer does not have sufficient documentation for the employees to use when they need a guarantee for coverage of medical expenses. It is in some cases therefore necessary to obtain an insurance card either from a traveler’s insurance or local health insurance or both.

UiB as your employer therefore ask that employees currently posted in the USA if needed, purchase a local health insurance, paid for by UiB as your employer. The health insurance will come in addition to the private traveler’s insurance if this does not give adequate coverage of health rights as required by visa status or by host institution.

The choice of local health insurance is made by you, and we recommend that you contact your host institute and ask which insurance they recommend their guest researchers.

UiB will also cover the insurance for the family members you provide for. Spouse/partner/children which does not have confirmation from HELFO for healthcare entitlements will be covered by health insurance paid for by the UiB.

UiB has a duty to pay up front for treatment. To do so, we recommend that you apply or use the Eurocard from UiB and ask for an increase in credit limit (hjelp.uib.no) in order to use this card for payment for health expenses.
When you have such expenses, you ask for a refund using the self-service portal using “Register expense reimbursement”.
UiB will apply HELFO for the reimbursement on your behalf. Note, you must cover any fee as described on HELFO’s webpage. You can use Eurocard and ask for reimbursement in the same way as described for accompanied family members with the same healthcare entitlements.

Apply for reimbursement for health care expenses: chose «Register expense reimbursement» in the self-service portal . Log in self-service portal