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Pension and Insurance for Foreign Employees

It is easy to think that the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is "only" involved in what you will live off when you become a pensioner. In reality, it is involved in much more. The Fund is involved in what you will live off if you are injured or become ill, and it is about providing security for your family.


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If you are an employee at the University of Bergen, you are most likely also a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK).

As a member, you pay two percent of your salary as a pension contribution each month. For every krone that you pay, your employer pays between five and six kroner. The total sum contributes to your pension and to your other member benefits.

But what if you move from Norway after a few years employment, will you get any pension from this? Is there a minimum of how long time you need to work?

And if you do not get a pension, can you get your 2 % pension pay back or the amount your employer has paid? If not pension, what about the other benefits?

And what exactly are the other benefits of a membership in SPK?

Here are some of the issues that will be addressed during this information meeting:

National Insurance
Service pension from SPK and earnings model
Contractual pension
Surviving spouse's pension
Work injury
Group life

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