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Norwegian National ID Number

We recommend that you get your ID number as soon as possible, but make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

ID number, Birth number and D number

The National ID number is a unique identification number that all people born or residing in Norway are assigned by the state.In Norwegian the term birth number (fødselsnummer) is often used instead of ID number. The personal identification number has 11 digits; the date of birth is the first 6 digits (ddmmyy XXXXX).

Some people get a D number instead of an ordinary ID number. A  D number is given to people who are planning to work and reside in Norway for less than 6 months. A D number does not start with your birthdate, but has a random number as the first digit. D-number can be used instead of an ordinary ID number in many cases, but not all.

Applying for number

If you have a job contract: An application for a tax deduction card is also an application for an ID number (see also more information about tax). RF-1209

If you are not coming alone: Report relocation to Norway from abroad for the whole family. Remember that everyone in the application have to meet in person. RF-1401

Here you will find information about what documentation you need:
https://www.skatteetaten.no/en/person/national-registry/moving/to-Norway/ or http://www.sua.no/en/

Useful tips

  • If you do not have "Valid property purchase contract or property rental contract valid for at least 6 months" please contact the HR at the faculty in order to get our alternative documentation regarding housing.
  • Make sure to hand in your applications at the SUA office not just the tax office, this will give you a quicker processing.
  • If the family hand in their application together with the main person (the one that has the job offer in Norway) this will also give the family a quicker processing than if not.