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Explore Bergen: Møhlenpris

Oslo is bigger, Trondheim is older, Ålesund is said to be more beautiful(?), but you cannot find a Norwegian city where its inhabitants are more proud of being just that than here in Bergen.


A map of Bergen indicating Møhlenpris

Møhlenpris is the area that lies between Nygårdshøyden and Puddefjorden.

Walking down from Nygårdshøyden to Møhlenpris, we pass by "Hulen" (=the cave). This was originally a bomb shelter, but the students got it as a replacement for the student club in Parkveien 1, where the Student Centre was built. Hulen opened on 17th of May 1969 and is thus one of the oldest concert venues in Scandinavia still in use.

Following the tram tracks in the road, we arrive at Bergen Technical Museum, located in the Bergen’s old tram hall. The main topic of this museum is the technical development in transportation and communication in Western Norway. The tram in Bergen ended its history more than 50 years ago, on New Year 1965. Nevertheless, on some Sundays you can still experience it here.

On Sundays, there are often other activities going on in Møhlenpris as well; at Djerv´s home field, in Nygårdsparken or in and around the Vitalitet Centre. The centre is a municipal residential complex, combined with a sports hall and a cultural area, public areas and a café - "Møllaren". The Vitalitets Centre is also the location of the volunteer central of the city center. The volunteer central will give us a presentation of what they do and what activities they offer, and how to join in case you feel you want to be part of this.

If you want to participate, please register before noon on Tuesday 19th of September.

Time schedule:

16:15 Meeting point: behind the Student Centre  - please be on time.
16:25 Hulen – we may get a short guided tour of this historic rock club.
17:00 Bergen Technical museum
18:00 Mølleren – relax and eat!
18:45 The Volunteer Central – something for you?
Finish around 19:30 - 20:00