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Testing for Covid-19 of employees at UiB coming from abroad


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In the Covid 19 regulations, the government has opened for EU / EEA citizens who come from countries with a high level of infection to be tested to reduce the quarantine period. The University of Bergen has, in collaboration with the Occupational Health Service, entered into a collaboration agreement with the medical clinic Legene på Høyden, who can, when required, carry out tests for Covid-19 for incoming employees in accordance with Covid-19 regulation to reduce quarantine time. This service will be available from 3 August 2020.

The offer will in particular be directed towards incoming employees who cannot perform their work tasks from home offices, for all incoming employees who live in UiB's guest housing that share common rooms with others, and for employees who will work in a clinic and/or laboratory. The department's management decides who needs testing to reduce the quarantine period.

Testing takes place with the following conditions:

  • The person requiring testing should not have respiratory symptoms. Employees with symptoms must immediately go into self-imposed quarantine and contact the Emergency clinic to arrange testing.
  • Incoming employees required to be tested must complete this on days 3 and 5.
  • Testing takes place in a separate test room in Christies gate 13 which is managed by Legene på Høyden. Entrance through the backyard. The person to be tested will be picked up by health personnel from the medical clinic at the entrance  gate to the backyard, and will be given a facemask before entering.
  • A designated  telephone number and set telephone hours will be in place for relevant individuals to be registered and assigned an appointment. The nearest manager books an appointment if they want testing rather than quarantine.
  • Specific days and times for testing will be set up. It is not possible for "drop-in" service due to infection control.

If further information is required, please contact the International Center at euraxess@uib.no